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About Us

Novisi was founded in January 2008, and has quickly established itself at the top of the industry when it comes to serving the publishing industry. Among Novisi's clients are some of the largest and most successful publishing companies.Recent success stories include the site relaunches of Home Theater, Soap Opera Digest, and Sail magazine, among many others.

Company founder Leonard Porcano was the original Systems Architect for About.com, and has served as the VP of Development at Primedia and as the VP Technology for Plus Three. Over the course of his career he has managed the development and deployment of over 1,000 sites, including titles such as Motortrend, Seventeen, and Channel One. At Plus Three he managed the development of the Arcos and Civitas platforms which served as the fundraising, messaging, and community platforms for numerous political and non-profit organizations, from the NAACP to the Friends Committee on National Legislation.